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Hi all in times of physical distancing It is important we stay connected socially, so I have created a online games room where we can interact playing games together.

This event is for Saturday 09 May 2020 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (now finished)


1. Please listen to and respect the host.

2. We are playing team Bible Charades, 2 teams.

3. The host will auto generate the topic you act out.

3. As a team you decide who acts the topic out if you can't in a timely manner the host will choose.

4. You get a certain amount of time to answer the charade (which we will trial in the game).

5. You can answer any hints as a group.

6. If you think you know the answer say your name.

7. You get one try to answer for your team, which must start within 3 seconds of your buzzer (your name).

8. If you cannot answer or get it wrong, the option to answer goes to the opposing team.

9. 10 points per correct answer.

10. Please check out the charade gestures video.

Remember its not about winning, but about having fun and fellowship together.

Charade Gestures

Charades Gestures

Charades Gestures

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More: Any other logistics we can sort out before the game begins, please log in at 1:30 to sort that out.