Let the little children come to me


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Volunteers We have two young enthusiastic volunteers with a heart for children running this programme.

Thank you Raine and Skye.

Ages: This kids programme targets children aged between 2-6

Programme:  Runs during the school term (movies in the holidays) the programme has included, childrens bible story readings, fun colouring in pictures and activities based on the lessons taught.

Recently the Childrens Bible App has been introduced and interactive lesson are being taught from it.

The kids church ministry team were able to attend this program and attain invaluable skills and resources for this ministry.

The Future: Our children are the future of our churches, their homes, our nation and this world, what we sow into them today effects us all in the future.

Kid Church Trip 2019

Kids Church Trip.png

The kids Church trip was a great success,thank you to all involved.

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