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Train up a child in the way they should live

Morrinsville A/G Youth

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Youth Online Link

Volunteer Janeen heads this department.

Thank you.

Ages:  This kids programme targets children between 11-18.

Programme Runs fortnightly during the school term, and clip boards every other week (movies in the holidays), the kids have gone through the fruits of the spirit, and the armour of God.

The kids church ministry team were able to attend this program and attain invaluable skills and resources for this ministry.


The Future: Our children are the future of our churches, their homes, our nation and this world, what we sow into them today effects us all in the future.

Mouth-full the christian way : A fun way to remember memory versus.

Click details link to go to videos.

Kid Church Trip 2019

Kids Church Trip.png

The kids Church trip was a great success,thank you to all involved.

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