Note:  No outreach in the holidays
Due to Covid-19 outreach is on break until further notice

Combined Churches: This outreach is a combined church event, of members from 6 (so far) different churches in the Morrinsville and Hamilton Waikato NZ area.

Our Mission:  is to lift up the name of Jesus, share the goodness of God and be led by the Holy Spirit as we share in the street by way of music/worship, testimonies, Gods word , praying for people as a way to reach the Morrinsville community about the love that God has for them.

Welcome: You are most welcome to join us, but here's a friendly word from the leaders of the outreach, who  ask you with the deepest respect and in love, to leave your doctrines and politics at your church, there is a time and place for that, but the outreach ministry is not that time or place.

Yet let us come in unity as a combined body in our mission to reach the Morrinsville community.

Praise God!!!

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Praising God in the street

Sharing testimonies in the street

Praying for people in the street

Sharing Gods Word in the street


Praising and sharing the love of God

Linda sharing on the street

Reti whanau praising the Lord

Let my people go by 1814


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Pastor Neil (Assembly of God Church)

Rose (Glory Release Ministries Church)

John (Baptist Church)

John (Presbyterian Church Elder)

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Sundays 10:30 - 12:00

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